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Batwoman Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya


Batman/Superman #4 Variant 
by Tony S. Daniel


Batman/Superman #4 Variant 

by Tony S. Daniel

Anonymous asked: Full version?

Eh… well… maybe. If I can find the time. Plus I have a knack for picking up piano pieces and then dropping them half way.

jackswasteland asked: Your version of the theme was so amazing (: what piano do you have?

Thanks, bro.
I have a Casio PX-350MBK.


Hooked on a feeling, hooked on Guardians of the Galaxy

Anonymous asked: Do you sing?

Nope. Can’t sing for shit.


Marvel and DC Heroes by Dan Mora

Friend wanted to know what it would sound like if The Last Of Us theme was played in a Harry Potter style o.O weird crossover but I gave it a try on my piano.
So many mistakes but eh…

Also you must be in a quiet environment with good ear/headphones to listen if you want to reeally hear it.


FAIRYTALE MEME: 2/6 fairytale creatures